Philanthropic History

Over the past 25 years, The Woman’s Board has lent crucial support to
Northwestern Memorial Hospital and has positively affected a great many
patients and community partners. The Board’s significant philanthropic
endeavors include the following:

• In January 2017, The Woman’s Board celebrated its 120th anniversary as an
organization. To commemorate this milestone, The Woman’s Board made a
special contribution of $120,000 to the Northwestern Medicine Developmental
Therapeutics Program, which promotes multidisciplinary efforts to develop new
cancer medications and other innovative therapies.

• In December 2016, The Woman’s Board pledged $7 million over ten years
to support research programs and patient care initiatives at Northwestern
Memorial Hospital, including continued support for the Women’s HIV Program,
the Nora Cooney Marra Compassionate Care Awards, and the Eleanor Wood-
Prince Grants Initiative. This pledge allows for a major funding commitment to
be designated every two years beginning in spring 2018.

• In 2014, The Woman’s Board made a $500,000 gift to advance transplantation
breakthroughs at Northwestern Medicine’s Comprehensive Transplant Center.
This gift launched a successful Phase I clinical trial led by transplant researcher
and surgeon Joseph Leventhal, MD, PhD ultimately aimed at enabling organ
recipients to live completely free of anti-rejection medication by using a
patient’s own immune regulatory cells.

• In 2013, The Woman’s Board made a five-year pledge of $3 million in support
of several pivotal efforts at Northwestern. The majority of the pledge ($2 million)
is directed to the Northwestern Medicine Developmental Therapeutics Institute,
which promotes multidisciplinary efforts to develop new cancer medications
and other innovative therapies.

• In 2012, The Woman’s Board completed a $1 million two-year pledge to
Northwestern Memorial Hospital, successfully establishing The Woman’s Board
Cardiovascular Education Initiative in partnership with Northwestern Medicine’s
Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute.

• Beginning in 2010, The Woman’s Board partnered with MK Pritzker to host the
Evergreen Invitational, a biennial premier show jumping equestrian event that
raises crucial funds for a variety of traditionally underfunded women’s health
initiatives at Prentice Women’s Hospital and its community partners through
the Evergreen Grants Initiative. To date, the Evergreen Grants have awarded
almost $3.3 million to 63 patient care initiatives.

• In 2009, The Woman’s Board donated $100,000 to support Advanced Nursing
Research and Evidence-Based Practice. An additional gift of $275,000 was
directed to Dr. John G. Csernansky’s work at The Norman and Ida Stone
Institute of Psychiatry: A Study on Brain Function and Emotion Throughout the
Life Cycle in Women.

• In December 2008, The Woman’s Board donated $285,000 to establish The
Woman’s Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital Fellowship in Gynecologic
Oncology, designed to train physicians who have completed a residency in
Obstetrics and Gynecology and who are interested in pursuing careers in
academic Gynecologic Oncology.

• In December 2004, The Woman’s Board made a $2.5 million five-year pledge
to Enhancing our Lives: The Northwestern Memorial Campaign. A total of $1.5
million from this campaign pledge was used to name the 14th floor of the new
Prentice Women’s Hospital, a medical-surgical floor for women who require
hospitalization for non-maternity health issues, and to support programs in
women’s health.

• From 2003 to 2010, The Woman’s Board sponsored the Boogie Ball. A spring
event, the Boogie Ball raised funds for a selected hospital endeavor. The Boogie
Ball’s proceeds have supported the following medical initiatives in amounts
ranging from $50,000 to $150,000:
• 2003 — The National Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Program
• 2004 — Dr. John A. Kessler’s Stem Cell Research Program
• 2005 — Establishment of the Stroke Rapid Recognition and
Rapid Response Program
• 2006 — Program for Brain Tumor Patients and their Families
• 2007 — Heart Disease in Women research project by Dr. Martha Gulati and Dr. Neil Stone                      • 2008 — New transportation vans serving the needs of patients of Near North Health Service Corporation and the Erie Family Health Center (community partners of NMH)
• 2010 — Lung Cancer Research Program in Women by Dr. Jyoti Patel

• Established in 2001, the Eleanor Wood-Prince Grant Initiative is a unique,
competitive grants program administered by The Woman’s Board and
Northwestern Memorial Foundation, which annually awards a total of $100,000
(a maximum of $25,000 per grant) to four or more leading-edge research
studies or innovative patient care projects. To date, more than $1.4 million has
been awarded for 65 research projects.

• In 1994, The Woman’s Board began a long-standing relationship with the
Women’s Comprehensive HIV Clinic and became one of the first philanthropic
groups to fund an HIV related clinic with a pledge of $400,000. The Board is
proud to continue its relationship with the Clinic through financial support of
the Clinic and by hosting the Clinic’s annual holiday party.

• Established in 1991 by an endowed gift from The Woman’s Board of
Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the Nora Cooney Marra Compassionate
Care Awards recognize individuals who serve as role models for the
humanistic and compassionate care of cancer patients.
• Since 2014, The Woman’s Board has sponsored Music Matters, a new program
managed by the hospital’s Volunteer Services, through which employees and
professional and amateur musicians volunteer their musical talents to bring live
music to patients.

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