Our Future

The Woman’s Board’s unwavering commitment to elevating Northwestern Memorial’s profile as a world-class leader in healthcare guides our future work and fundraising. Over the years, The Board and its members have contributed more than $65 million in support of the mission and activities of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. We hope that these examples of The Woman’s Board members’ tireless dedication and generosity inspire our donors and help further a culture of philanthropy in our community. Our history is one of exciting progress and growth, and as we reflect on and learn from significant accomplishments of the past, we also look ahead to a bright future. We are confident that we will continue to realize the various aspects of our mission—and we will do so in a spirit of collaboration with our many partners.

Current $7 million pledge

In December 2016, The Woman’s Board voted to make their largest gift to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in their 120 year history with a magnanimous pledge of $7 million over 10 years.  With the announcement of this pledge The Woman’s Board also also celebrates the 120th anniversary of the establishment of the Board on January 30, 1897.  Their pledge is comprised of ongoing Woman’s Board commitments to the Eleanor Wood-Prince Grants Initiative, Evergreen Invitational Grants, the Women’s HIV Clinic and the Nora Cooney Marra Compassionate Care Awards.  Most importantly, it provides The Woman’s Board the opportunity to fund other major initiatives for two–year periods of time over the course of the ten year pledge.

The first major initiative is a $700,000 commitment, 2018 - 2019,  to the Study of the Implementation of Collaborative Mental Health Care at Northwestern's 13 primary care clinics in Chicago, helping to support the expansion of access to mental health care in our community.

Celebrating 120 Years

The Woman's Board celebrated their 120th anniversary at their Annual Meeting held on January 19, 2017. To recognize this milestone, The Woman's Board presented a surprise gift of $120,000 to continue the Developmental Therapeutics Fellowship Program. Joan Moore, immediate past president, summarized her and her fellow board members' feelings and mission: "We are here today because of the work of so many who paved the way for us, and we are going to continue to expand the foundation of The Woman's Board for those who will follow us. "