Music Matters

The Woman’s Board is pleased to support the first hospital-wide music program for patients and is committed to enabling the talented volunteers of Music Matters Med and other volunteer musicians who generously donate their time and talents to bring live music to patients.

The Woman’s Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital is honored to be the sponsor of Music Matters at Northwestern Medicine.  Music Matters is a volunteer organization started by a Northwestern Medicine Feinberg School of Medicine medical student, now Dr. Matt Sakumoto, and a former Northwestern Memorial Hospital oncology patient, Eileen Hammersmith, who experienced the healing power of music during her recuperation. The talented volunteers from Music Matters and other musician organizations come into the hospital on a regular basis to perform live music at patients’ bedsides and for groups in public areas. They perform regularly in some oncology and cardiology units and are also trained to deliver compassionate care and conversation to anxious or lonely patients and their families in the hospital.

Tune Up!

In September 2015, friends of The Woman’s Board joined Board Members at Tune Up!, a fun cocktail party with live music, co-chaired by Suzette Bulley and Lisa Smyth, to raise funds for this unique initiative made possible by The Woman’s Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  

Guests met and mingled with Music Matters musicians and enjoyed their music throughout the evening, as well as a special performance by Marty Sammon, keyboard player for blues legend Buddy Guy.