Beginning with funding free healthcare in its early days to its current pledge of $2 million to the Northwestern Medicine Developmental Therapeutics Institute, The Woman’s Board is committed to leading the way by funding innovative research and compassionate patient care initiatives.


NM Developmental Therapeutics Institute

The Woman's Board supported the Northwestern Medicine Developmental Therapeutics Fellowship Program with a $2 million gift initiated in 2013. This institute, launched in 2013, is making available the latest innovations to patients in most need at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago by accelerating the timeline from discoveries in the lab to...

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Advancing Transplantation Breakthroughs

Patients in need of organ transplants face difficult odds — insufficient organs are available and anti–rejection drugs cause damaging side effects. The Woman’s Board is proud to have funded the successful Phase I trial of an alternative to anti–rejection drug therapy using the patient’s own immune system. In 2014, The...

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Music Matters

The Woman’s Board is pleased to support the first hospital-wide music program for patients and is committed to enabling the talented volunteers of Music Matters Med and other volunteer musicians who generously donate their time and talents to bring live music to patients. The Woman’s Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital...

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Women’s Clinic (HIV)

In 1994, to advance our mission of supporting women’s health issues. The Woman’s Board began a long-standing relationship with the Women’s Comprehensive HIV Clinic. In doing this The Woman’s Board became one of the first philanthropic groups to fund an HIV related clinic with a pledge of $400,000. The Board...

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